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When push comes to shove they can depend on each other 99% of the time.

  • Going off of her love for sports, Kerr enrolled in the University of Alabama to participate in the college's strong sports culture.

  • The Hardy Boyz won the tournament, which culminated in a at with the prize money suspended above the ring in a bag.

  • In that case, Jason and Brittany may have been in the clear to date and enjoy one another's company without judgement, right? This distraction allowed Moolah to pull The Kat out of the ring, and when Venis saw her out of the ring, he declared Runnels the winner.

Pull up a seat and let's unpack the untold truth of Brittany Kerr.

  • He said he first needed to swing by Parliament House to pick something up.

  • Once upon a time, Brittany Kerr was just another contestant vying for fame on.

  • She then became the manager of Edge and Christian, and the storyline originally called for her to come between the duo, resulting in them becoming singles wrestlers with Runnels managing.

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